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About the Valorious Awards

What began as a surprise became a legacy


During the final minutes of the inaugural radio theater performance at HopperCon 23, Jennifer Hopper took the stage to interrupt Christopher's closing remarks. She introduced Gerard and Cricket Ruppert who took the stage and the mic.

What followed next was an unexpected and heartwarming display of thoughtfulness: the presentation of three awards, one for best female voice acting performance, one for best male voice acting performance, and one for best science fiction novel. These, of course, went to the guests of the evening: Rebecca Woods, Daniel Wisniewski, and host Christopher Hopper.

The awards were beautifully crafted by Adam Stempka (Stempka Designs), displaying a heaven-bound rocket set before a wood-and-metal backrest and a base with the honoree's details.

More touching, however, was the fact that the awards had been fully funded by a small group of ardent fans whose love for the three recipients was on full display.

In the wake of HopperCon 23, talk of continuing the awards commenced. It became clear that the founding members and recipients wanted to continue the tradition of honoring beautiful art made by gifted artists.

It's from the roots of mutual honor and the esteem of virtuous storytelling that the Valorious Awards have become a feature of HopperCon.

Valorious Award Daniel Wisniewski Rebecca Woods Christopher Hopper

Gerard Ruppert / Director

Krista Pimpinella / Assistant Director

Dan Wong / Professional Development

Cricket Ruppert / Staff Support

About the Valorious "V" and the Tree Karadelle

The term valorious originates from Christopher Hopper's space opera series Imperium Descent, which heralds the exploits of an unlikely team who contend for the lives excreants—those deemed unfit for life by the imperialistic government.

First coined centuries before, the protagonists uncover the term while discovering a secret enclave of excreants who live inside the ruins of a crashed starship. Moreover, a gargantuan pallador tree named Karadelle gives shade and life to those who live among its branches.

Both emblems are featured on the Valorious Awards to symbolize personal virtue, bravery in the creative arts, and the joy created by the community of storytellers.


"We are honored to be a part of helping promote the next generation of sci-fi storytellers. Let's see what we can discover together."

Christopher Hopper and Gerard Ruppert HopperCon 2023
Gerard Ruppert


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